Our Turramurra Chiro Centre

At Turramurra Chiropractic our goal is to help people to do the things that they love to do, whether it is at work or at play. In a family-friendly environment, our experienced chiropractors support you through this hands-on profession that strives to reduce the impact everyday life has on your nervous system.

Our Chiropractor and founder, Jason Prior has over ten years of Chiropractic experience and is passionate in using his skills to help people regain health, movement and function. He believes in positive and proactive health choices through education, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Turramurra Chiropractic is conveniently located in the centre of Turramurra, with easy street level access and close to both parking and trains. Our modern facilities including bathroom, has a selection of kids toys to help keep your children occupied.

Our Practitioner

Jason Prior, Chiropractor, Passionate Free Diver

M.Chiropractic, B.Nursing, B.MedSc, GradDip Psychology,

Life is a sequence of ordering our priorities. To cure cancer may be high on the list but I have come to believe that perhaps even higher is the simple business of helping lives to be better.” – author unknown

With over 10 years experience as a chiropractor and 17 years as a nurse, Jason is passionate about helping people live better lives. Jason completed his undergraduate and graduate nurse training at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and went on to complete studies in Medical Science and Chiropractic. He’s worked as a Nurse in a variety of settings, including a retirement village in North Turramurra, one on one with patients in palliative care in homes and hospitals, the Sydney Opera House, Schools, Dalcross Private Hospital and others.

Part of Jason’s extensive experience includes working at the Dore Achievement Centre (formally in Chatswood) with clients, most of who were children who experienced ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Dyslexia in addition to movement-based difficulties. He has completed professional studies in neurology and a graduate degree in psychology both of which helped him become the first chiropractor to be employed in the School of Occupational Therapy and Social Science at Curtin University, WA helping to teach neuroscience and neurodevelopment. He brings all this knowledge and experience into all his chiropractic care.

Another of Jason’s passions helping people with dizziness and vertigo. He was the first Australian chiropractor to successfully complete competency-based training in Vestibular Rehabilitation with Richard Clendaniel and Susan Herdman, who are considered world experts in this field. In addition to providing treatment for these disorders at the Turramurra clinic he is available for both remote consultations and onsite visits in homes and hospitals around Sydney.

Motivated by the knowledge in The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, Jason travelled to Birmingham, Alabama to be trained in the use of Constraint Induced Therapy with Dr Edward Taub and his team who developed this world leading upper limb therapy for stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and many other neurological conditions affecting the use of the upper limb.

Jason passes on his passion through supervising final year Macquarie University chiropractic students during their clinical rotations.

Jason’s other passions are his wife and two children. To keep himself physically and mentally healthy he enjoys training and competitive free diver. His current personal best breath hold is 5:37min.

Jason is available to run educational workshops and he is also available for consultations in homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Please give him a call about your needs.

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