At Turramurra Chiropractic, our Chiropractors utilise hands-on spinal adjustment and various other alternative treatments that aim to reduce stress on the nervous system. Adjustments are used to help recover movement to joints limited by cells injury, sometimes triggered by a terrible occasion, such as falling, or repetitive anxiety, such as sitting without correct back support. A full medical history is taken by the Chiropractors to determine if your case is specifically suitable for chiropractic adjustments.

Myth #1: Chiropractors crack the spine

When people talk about chiropractic with the friends and family they often speak of ‘cracking’ the spine as being what a chiropractor does. Whilst the spine doesn’t crack in the sense of breaking, manual adjustments frequently used by chiropractors reduce pressure on the fluid and surfaces within a joint which can produce an audible sound. The adjustment also reduces pressure in the tissue around the joint, which together can improve flexibility, strength and reduce pain. This is not the only thing a chiropractor does nor is it the focus or purpose of what we do at Turramurra Chiropractic.

Myth #2: Chiropractors just treat back problems

Whilst many people attend chiropractic offices with back pain it is not the only reason people chose to see chiropractors. Chiropractors spend 5 years studying at university with a significant amount of time dedicated to assessing and learning to improve the functionality of the spine, what they can and do is much broader. The spine is actually housing another very delicate system of our body called the central nervous system. We focus on the spine due to its close association with the central nervous system. Chiropractors strive to reduce stress on the nervous system so you can get back to enjoying what you love to do.

Amongst individuals seeking back pain relief options, many choose chiropractic therapy. Of these around one third are seeking relief from back pain from numerous causes, including mishaps, sports injuries, and muscle stress. Other grievances include headaches, arms and legs injuries. Chiropractic may likewise be an effective form of relief for muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue, such as cartilage and tendons injuries.