Tips For Creating a Positive Mental Attitude

This week Jason Prior runs down four steps to help create a positive mental attitude and look after your mind. Your mind is like a garden, left unattended it can become overrun with weeds and negative thoughts, but with the steps detailed below, you can learn simple, effective tips to take better care of your mind.

The steps covered in this episode:
1. Gather Your Resources
2. Create A Plan
3. Take Action
4. Repeat

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Caring For Your Posture: The Do’s and Don’ts

In this episode, Jason Prior runs down some of the do’s and don’ts of posture and how to maximise care for your back in everyday situations, such as sleeping, lifting and sitting.

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Stroke Rehab: Achieving the impossible with guests David Morris (Researcher, University of Alabama) and Philip Fay (Occupational Therapist)

There are about 50,000 people who experience stroke each year around half of whom will experience ongoing disability after 12 months. In some patients stroke results in loss of function in the hand, arm and legs. Patients undergoing rehabiltiation where thought to reach the maximum recovery by 12 months. However a relatively new therapy, constraint induced movement therapy (CI Therapy), is dispelling this myth. Now what was once thought of as impossible is now possible, showing that the brain can change at any stage regardless of the patients age or number of years post stroke. CI Therapy featured prominently in the popular book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge.

So what is CI Therapy? What does it involve? Who can potentially do the therapy and what are the potential benefits of it? To answer these questions and more we are joined by David Morris, Researcher at the University of Alibama and Philip Fay, Occupational Therapist.

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A Dirty Little Secret About Health and Happiness

Are we alone in the universe? Not at all. In fact we share our lives with trillions of other organisms. Where are they and what are they doing? Well you don’t need a telescope to see them but a microscope.

Each of us is made of trillions of cells but we are outnumbered by 9 to 1 by microbes that live in us and on us. So what are they doing to us or for us. Alanna Collen, Author of 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness reviews the important roll microbes living in our Guts, mouths and on our skin are living a secret life that can help us be health and happy. Although not all microbe are the same, many are necessary for us to function well and when they are absent or not in sufficient numbers or in balance with other microbes we can experience disease and mental health issues.

In this episode we will discuss:
1. The role of microbes in health and disease
2. The impact of overly clean environments on our health
3. What we can do to cultivate a healthy environment for our microbes to grow and flourish

Further Information
Alanna Collen (2015). 10% Human: how your body’s microbes hold the key to your health and happiness
American Gut

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Special with guests Anthony Lowe, Phillip Katelaris and Patrick Lubroso

In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness week, Jason is joined by special guests Anthony Lowe (CEO of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia), Phillip Katelaris (Urologist at the Sydney Adventist Hospital) & Patrick Lumbroso (Psychologist and Director of Man Focus Clinic) to share their knowledge for a special episode of The Body Brain and Mind Show.

Topics include:
1. What is the prostate?
2. Signs & Symptoms of prostate disease
3. Treatment options
4. Rehabilitation
5. Sexual health

Special Guests
Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, CEO of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Dr Phillip Katelaris, Urologist at the Sydney Adventist Hospital
Patrick Lumbroso, Psychologist and Director of Man Focus Clinic

Further Information
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
ManFocus Clinic
Katelaris Urology

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National Stroke Week with guest Phil Greenidge (NSW Strokesafe Ambassador)

This week, Jason and guest Phil Greenidge will be reviewing information about stroke, and providing further details regarding:
stroke prevention
recognising the signs and symptoms
what to do if you suspect you have had a stroke
regular health checks

Further Information
Stroke Foundation

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Lessons From A 100 Year Lifestyle

What can we learn from those who have lived healthy and happy to 100 years and beyond? Research focusing on people living in areas of high numbers of centurions, referred to as Blue Zone has shed light on what we and society can do to create our own 100 year lifestyle.

Health… What are you WEIGHTING for? with guest Anna Chisholm (Health Coach)

Today we are joined by local Health Coach Anna Chisholm to discuss issues relating weight loss through creating an ideal, healthy lifestyle. Areas discussed include:
1. Key health habits
2. Sustaining change
3. 5 top tips for weight loss

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Basic Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

This week Jason Prior cuts through the complex and conflicting information available out there relating to health and wellness, and gets back to the basics of healthy living with simple tips and tricks for moving well, eating well and thinking well.

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What Botox Does To Your Brain: It’s More Than Just Skin Deep

Jason Prior will be speaking about how people who have had Botox injections in their face could be affecting their ability to think, read and understand other people’s emotions.

He will be looking at the potential impact this may also have on raising a child and the important lessons this has in understanding conditions like Autism. But it’s not all bad for Botox as some studies have indicated that it may help with depression and anxiety.

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Today’s episode we learnt about the most common cause of vertigo which is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV. This very easily and quickly treatable condition is often poorly managed so we talked about what it is, how you can recognise it and what you can do about it.

Further Information

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Bowel Cancer: Don’t Just Sit And Think About It with guest Claire Annear (Bowel Cancer Australia)

In Australia nearly 15,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer, with over 4000 dying each year. If caught early the success rate is around 90%. Unfortunately less than 40% are detected early.

So what symptoms should you be aware of? How can you help reduce your chances of getting the condition? And if you do get bowel cancer what support is there available? To answer these questions and more Clair Annear, National Community Engagement Manager of Bowel Cancer Australia will be joining us.

Further Information
Bowel Cancer Australia

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Multiple Sclerosis: The Mystery Sickness with guest Jo Whitehouse (MS Connect)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is neurological condition in which the coating on the nerves breaks down. This can occur and many different sites resulting in complex and variable presentations.. For people living with this condition it can vary from one episode or recurrent episodes with progressive disability particularly with movement, vision dizziness and more. As a consequence of its diverse locations and symptoms it can be a bit of mystery when patients first see the doctor.

So what is it like for someone living with MS? What treatment is available for it and what should people do to take care of the body, brain and mind when they have this condition? To answer these questions and more we will be joined by Jo Whitehouse, Senior Manager at MS Connect.

Further Information
MS Australia
MS Australia Facebook
MS Get Involved Facebook

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Originally broadcast on Triple H 100.1 FM on May 24, 2016.